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How to edit content using Morweb content editor

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2014 07:22PM UTC
To be able to edit content using Morweb content editor,

1. Hover over the content widget you wish to edit and click on the widget settings icon.

2. This will open up Morweb's content editor where you can edit all your content using a standard editor. 

3. Click apply button to save changes.

Editor Tools

 Undo -
  Allows you to to undo changes to the text.

 Redo -  Allows you to to redo changes to the text after you have undone.

 Paste As Text - Allows you to paste content without any formatting.

 Find and Replace - Find text in the editor and replace all instances of that text.

 Bold - Gives a Bold format to text.

 Italic - Gives Italic format to text.

 Underline - Gives underline format to text.

 Strikethrough - Gives strikethrough format to text.

 Align Left - Left aligns your text.

 Align Center - Center aligns your text.

 Align Right - Right aligns your text.

 Justify - Justifies your text.

 Headings Dropdown - Allows you to choose pre-defined Heading styles for your text.

 Bullet List - Lets you create a bullet list.

 Numbered List - Lets you create a numbered list.

 Decrease Indent - Removes indent to paragraph if already added.

 Increase Indent - Adds indent to paragraph.

 Toggle Blockquote - Adds CSS blockquote tag around your content, used for adding quotation marks around selected content.

 Horizontal Line - Creates a horizontal line.

 Special Character - Opens up a list of special characters you can use in your content.

 Insert Time - Allows you to insert a time stamp into your content.

 Table - Allows you to create an HTML table.

 Insert/Edit Link - Allows you to insert or edit a hyperlink in your content.

 Remove Link - Removes a previously added hyperlink from your content.

 Insert/Edit Image - Lets you insert or edit an image into your content.

 Insert/Edit Video - Lets you insert or edit a video into your content.

 Browse Gallery - Lets you open and view your galleries.

 Show Blocks - Allows you to see the different formats in your content.

 Clear Formatting - Removes any formatting copied over from pasted content.

 Source Code - Opens up an HTML editor and lets you view your contents raw HTML
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