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Last Updated: Jun 04, 2014 10:15PM UTC
Content Manager

The Content Manager lists all your content items such as pages, blogs and menus used throughout your website. From here, you can add or edit content items and jump right into Live Edit mode. 


The Page Manager will list all the pages on your website. From here, you can add and edit existing pages and jump right into Live Edit mode. 

Creating pages and configuration

Click on the settings icon on each page to edit:
  • Page Title
  • Alias (URI)
  • Template
  • Meta Title
  • Meta Keywords and
  • Meta Description.

Page Title is the name of the page but you can also give your page a specific Alias (URI) to help identify the content within that page.

The Template drop down allows you to add any of the HTML templates you have created for use on that page.

You can also edit the SEO Meta title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description fields. For more information on SEO Meta fields, click here:

Launching Live Edit Mode

To launch Live Edit Mode for a page you can either:
1. Click on the Title which opens the page in the same window leaving Morweb's navigation visible OR
2. Click on View which will open the page in a new window.

(show clicking on title and show clicking on view and the difference between the two)

The Copy button allows you to make duplicates of a page while giving you the option to copy all the content within the page or just copy the page settings but not the content.

The Home button allows you to set which page you will like to be the main/home page.

The Publish button allows you to keep the page private or make the page live so that anyone visiting the website can see it.

Menu Manager

The menu manager allows you to create as many menus as you need for your website. You can then build your menu using the drag and drop functionality. Once the menu is created, you can go into Live Edit mode and drag and drop the menu widget to add your menu on any page. Once the menu is placed on a page, you can edit the menu right on the page using Live Edit.

Menu items and building your menu

The menu builder has preset menu items which gives you amazing flexibility to customize your menus. 

Simply drag the menu item from the right to the left column. Once the menu is placed a third column will appear with configuration options for that menu item. You can sort the menu items by clicking and dragging the menu item up or down into the position you need.

To delete a menu item, simply drag it into the trash can until you see a red outline. Release the menu to delete. 

The available menu items are: 

Sub menu - Item with set of sub-items and another menu level

Page - Creates link to page in the system

Basic item - Basic item with custom action to set

Menu - Allows the use of system menu as sub-menu

Galleries - Creates galleries list as a sub-menu

Gallery - Creates direct link to gallery

Blog Categories - Creates list of child categories

Blog Category - Generates link to all current category posts

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